The Game-changer in off-grid refrigeration

Introducing the ST-COLD 5

A unique off-grid refrigeration technology

BMTA&C has developed a unique clean, solar off-grid refrigeration technology. It works with no electricity and no water supply and provides clean, reliable and efficient energy. It uses solar thermal energy and a natural cooling fluid that has no negative environmental impact. It can reach a wide range of temperatures and storage capacities and can be used for a wide scope of applications.


Small-scale prototype of 0.5 ton

Our current model ST-COLD 5 is dedicated to fruits and vegetables.

Works with no electricity nor water supply

5 tons storage capacity equivalent to 264 crates of 25 kg of fruits

Controlled 5 °C storage temperature to extend crop shelf life from 2 to 20 days on average
Uses a natural cooling fluid with zero ODP and negligible GWP

Our Approach

We have developed our technology from scratch and dedicated 3 years full time to go through a lot of iterations to achieve the current model. Our approach is the following:
We start by modeling, our technology is made of multiple blocks: we built the scientific models
behind each component and linked them to have the overall overview of the system performance. We use simulation to see the impact of all model inputs to optimize the efficiency, we take into account the cost of every decision we make.We create 3D digital mockup using 3-dimensional computer-aided design to carry out final simulations before moving to the manufacturing phase.
We control all the manufacturing stages, from raw material ordering to manufacturing operations and assembly. To move from one version of the prototype to another, we do experiments and based on it we improve our model's accuracy, our designs and manufacturing methods. As of today, ST-COLD5 prototype is at its 6 th version, and we are currently filing a global patent.
Through the years, our team has strengthened their scientific and technical knowledge and gained more experience in the field. We have developed a know-how on manufacturing processes and more importantly, we have proved our ability and determination to create and develop, from scratch and with limited resources, a challenging deeptech hardware technology.