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We Are Tackling a Very Complex

Cooling is essential for humanity, and a fundamental component of modern life and economies. However, a big part of the world still does not have access to reliable cooling, which severely impacts food security, health and wellbeing.

Around 2.7 billion people lack reliable access to vaccines as a result of insufficient cold chain infrastructure; nearly 25% of liquid vaccines are wasted each year primarily because of broken cold chains and an estimated 2 million people die each year from vaccine-preventable disease. In addition, every year, around 14% of the world's food production is lost due to a lack of effective refrigeration. This equates to 475 million tons of spoiled produce.

This challenge is even more complex because of the climate impact of conventional cooling technologies. Cooling devices account for 10% of all GHG emissions; twice the emissions generated from aviation and maritime combined.

There is an urgent need for clean sustainable cooling technologies to meet demand without catastrophic environmental impact.

We have developed such a technology of the cold storage sector.

Our Technology Can Be Deployed in a Large Number of Industries


Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare​

Supply Chain & Logistics

Retail Industry

Humanitarian sector

Our Solution's Positive Impact

Positive Impact on the Social, Economic and Climate Levels

Give access to clean and efficient cold storage storage

Promote food security by reducing food losses

support better medical care by reducing vaccines spoilage

act on
mitigation and adaption of climate change

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