The Game-Changer in Off-grid Refrigeration

Introducing ST-COLD

Our unique off-grid refrigeration technology

Our deeptech-enabled clean cold storage solution protects perishables in locations and use cases, where few to no alternatives exist. It is based on a breakthrough patent-pending off-grid refrigeration technology powered by thermal energy (heat).
BMTA&C's unique technology has many advantages in terms of energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, maintenance, manufacturing value chain, scalabiltiy, eco-friendliness and flexibility to operate in different weather conditions and geographies.

Works with 0
electricity and 0
water supply
Offers flexible storage capacities and storage temperatures
Can be used for wide range of applications (fruis, vegetables, dairy products, vaccines, ...)
Can operate in complex locations like off-grid and remote areas

Our approach

We have developed our technology internally and form scratch. It is the result of a lenghty and itense R&D in multiple
scientific and technical fields. Our team has dedicated 4 years full time for its development.

By adopting an iterative approach, each block of the technology went through many iterations from theory to manufacturing to tests.
We also control all the manufacturing stages, from raw material ordering to manufacturing operations and assembly.
We have a very strong R&D team with deep scientfic and technical knowledge and know-how in manufacturing.
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